Stuck in a rut? Tired of all the fees and charges ranging from administrative fees, franchise fees, advertising fees, desk fees, web site fees, referral fees, and on and on? Looking to expand your sphere?

Mid America Property Partners offers a competitive package of services and tools for no additional fee that is available to it’s agents that includes, but is not limited to, monthly print advertising, your own web page within our web site showcasing your listings, no desk fees, no franchise fees, no administrative fees and most importantly, lead referrals – with NO referral fees. Our web site alone generates an average of over 70 leads every month and every one of those leads were given out to our agents with no referral fee. Not to mention calls from signs and other advertising. You are not competing with your management team. You are working for you!

Interesting in hearing more? Contact Michelle Syberg or Cathy Davis for a private discussion or you can email